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Pouch Advantage Over Glass / Plastic Containers

When compared to glass/plastic containers, four side sealed /
stand up pouches are miles ahead on several counts :

  • Unit and inventory costs – lower
  • Flexibility of input roll stock, therefore it needs lesser space, lower storage volume
  • Weight – 15 times lighter than glass when empty.
  • Freight, handling and insurance,
    at lower cost.
  • Breakage – neither in transit nor in storage. No mess.
  • Replacement and related costs – none.
  • Tamper evident and other features on addition of spouts / zippers for re-close ability, re-usability and easy dispensability
  • Accessories – no labels or caps
    and related time, labour and inventory costs. No fuss.
  • Printability – for superior graphics
    and branding.
  • Wide flat surfaces offer unrestricted space
    for graphics and other statutory information.
  • Display – stand-alone on counters and shelves.
  • Savings – on POPs and other on-site collaterals
  • Energy efficiency – in manufacture
  • Environmental friendliness