Partition Pouch

VFC’s VIJAY Horizontal Form Fill and Seal (HFFS) machine is used for the manufacture of four sides sealed pouches, partitioned into two compartments, for packaging two incompatible liquid components, to be dispensed, simultaneously, by the consumer, and mixed, prior to use, to constitute a product.

Component quantity may be in the range of
(6 – 13) ml + (6 – 13) ml for a product quantity of (12 – 26) ml.

These may be products such as

  • Hair Dye comprising of hair color and developer
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Skin care products of 2 components

The pouch is made from three different webs, forming the front, back and partition layers of the pouch. These webs may differ in laminate structure according to the barrier requirement of individual components.

A servo gear pump or piston filler may be used to dispense the components.

In a nutshell, our machines are unique because they enable:

  • Reliable seal quality, free of product contamination, essential for packaging of liquids in a leak proof manner.

  • Accuracy in filling of the set quantity

  • Nitrogen flushing

  • Inline printing options.

  • Fulfilment of GMP.