Vijay Horizontal Form-Fill & Seal (HFFS) Machine. Vijay Horizontal Form-Fill & Seal (HFFS) Machine. Vijay Horizontal Form-Fill & Seal (HFFS) Machine. home_top_img_mobile


for making four side sealed and stand-up flexible pouches that are


Vijay Horizontal Form-Fill & Seal (HFFS) Machine. home_btm_right_img_tablet home_btm_right_img_mobile

Great for branding

Display of a product is of utmost importance in modern retail.

The two even surfaces, on either side of a
four side sealed / stand up pouch, multiply
branding opportunities manifold and facilitate
the use of attractive graphics to give the pack
a premium look, enhance its visibility on a shelf and magnify the impact of the brand on
the buyers’ mind.

Superior functional value gets added to the pack with features such as spout for easy dispensing or zipper for re-close ability.

Good shelf life, as good as that of a plastic / glass container, can be got in flexible packaging with the use of an appropriate laminate structure.

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About us

VFC has decades of experience in enhancing the brand value of fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) through innovation, design and development of packaging. This is based on an understanding of FMCG needs across the entire value chain, from manufacturing to retail to consumers’ homes.
We have developed Horizontal machines, offering an integrated solution, starting with a laminate web and automating four side sealed / stand up pack forming, filling and sealing.
Our Machines enable:

  • Dispensability, re-close ability and shelf appeal due to spout, zipper, profile cut and seal and stand up options.

  • Reliable seal quality, free of product contamination, essential for packaging of liquids and powders.

  • Protection of product from heat as sealing takes place before and after filling.

  • Easy change of pouch dimensions; width and height, for running several packs.

  • Crisp wrinkle free packaging even when foil and paper based laminates are used.

  • Tear and child resistant notch options.

  • Fulfilment of GMP for packaging of pharmaceutical products.

  • Multi-stage dispensing of 2 or more ingredients of a product in a pack.

  • Packs of 2 compartments for products comprising of two components.

  • Accuracy of filling and CIP system for liquid filling head.

  • Micro dosing, dust extraction, hot filling and nitrogen flushing options.

  • Inline check weighing and rejection, sticker application and inline printing options.

  • Dispensing and packaging of discrete products which may comprise several components in four side seal pouches.

Since, the onset of the pandemic and the first lock down, April 2020, our engineering team has worked on the design, development and manufacture of ICU ventilators, equipped for High Flow Oxygen Therapy, critical for the treatment of Covid 19 patients. Our company, Vijay Flexible Containers Private Limited, has entered the biomedical field by launching its brand of Vijay Ventilators. They have already been sold in several states.
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Further, some minor, yet very practical, design variations multiply the pack’s packaging potential exponentially.

The quality and performance of our machines are the consequence of our continuous and consistent development effort to satisfy customers’ packaging requirements.

Our Mission


To advance machine design and technical knowhow


To advance package design in anticipation of market expectations


To match both of the above to develop new and customised packaging solutions


To apply the above formula to a wide range of fast moving consumer goods


To provide after sales service for a trouble free customers’ experience over the life time of our machine

Service & Spares

Service & Spares
Our service starts with understanding customer needs and then providing customised solutions for customer specific applications. This is a continuous process wherein sharing of our knowledge and experience takes place with the customer.

Through our support system, we have direct dialogue with the operator and support him to minimise the machine down time.

Our service team is trained for precise diagnosis, quick trouble-shooting and providing effective solutions.

We offer

  • Consultation
  • Machine installation and commissioning
  • Factory acceptance tests
  • Maintenance assistance
  • Spare parts
  • Machine retrofits